Update:Some have tried to suggest that Komen’s statement is nuanced and does not necessarily mean what almost everyone thinks it means. Bottom line. 4 days ago PP was ineligible for future grants, now they are eligible, with apologies. Will PP get future grants from Komen? Almost certainly. If it looks like a cave, deep, dark, and cold. It is probably a cave.

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It was nice while it lasted, all of four days. A very well known charity dropped support for the abortion industry. Yay. Pro-lifers cheer and donate money in record amounts (purportedly doubling donations after the announcement).

Cue the MSM and Planned Parenthood owned politician outrage and the the well known charity reverses course. Four measly days! Hey guess what, donating breast cancer money to a company that causes breast cancer and does not perform mammograms is a really good idea after all.

This is the height of politically correct groveling…

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