I know there’s plenty of pro-lifers hoping that Komen hasn’t reversed itself on defunding Planned Parenthood with their latest statement that they’re revising their funding criteria.

Good Christian people always want to think the best of others. And that’s good. But in this case I urge folks to just stop. We sometimes act like teenagers who just got dumped who swear that she’s coming back. But she’s not coming back. She’s been making the back window of some dude’s 1992 Honda CRV all steamy for weeks now.

I know lots of folks don’t want to think Komen buckled. But you know who thinks they have? Planned Parenthood. Cecile Richards released a love letter to Komen today. I would put the whole thing down but I’m too sickened so I’ll just cut out the key graf:

“In recent weeks, the treasured relationship between the Susan G. Komen for the Cure Foundation and Planned Parenthood has been challenged, and we are now heartened that we can continue to work in partnership toward our shared commitment to breast health for the most underserved women. We are enormously grateful that the Komen Foundation has clarified its grantmaking criteria, and we look forward to continuing our partnership with Komen partners, leaders and volunteers. What these past few days have demonstrated is the deep resolve all Americans share in the fight against cancer, and we honor those who are at the helm of this battle.

Let’s not tie ourselves in knots trying to believe the best of Komen. They buckled to the death fetishists.

Do you really think that Cecile Richards would be all buddy buddy unless Planned Parenthood was getting mad cash again. Only two things make Planned Parenthood happy. Mad cash and dead babies. They’ve found a clever way to unite their two passions. And Komen is helping. Again.

Here’s a good rule of thumb. If Planned Parenthood is happy about something I’m usually ticked off about it. And vice versa. Planned Parenthood is backing up the money truck to Komen again and they’re thrilled. So I’m not.

When they go through the next grant process I bet Planned Parenthood will get something. It might not be as much as they used to this time. But they’ll get something.

Caveat: Look, I’m hoping on wrong on this. Nobody would be happier to be wrong. If I am I promise to post a pic of myself here with a sign saying “I”m a cynical jerk.” But something tells me I won’t be breaking out the poster board and Sharpies any time soon.

Update: Pelosi Calls Komen Reversal on Planned Parenthood Funding a “Big Victory”…