America has once again joined in on the greatest magic trick since David Copperfield somehow got Claudia Schiffer not to laugh at him. But this magic trick is much bigger. America has joined Europe in attempting to make all of Western civilization disappear.

And it might just take a miracle to stop us.

Congratulations America. We’ve officially contracepted and aborted our way into becoming a sad mimic of Europe. We’ve separated love from sex, reproduction from marriage, and spending from responsibility. We’re going great!

America is back below birth rate replacement levels just like those imbeciles in Europe we model ourselves after, says Lifesite. According to The U.S. National Vital Statistics Report, the U.S. birth rate dropped below replacement levels in 2008 to 2.08 births per woman, below the 2.1 level needed to replace the population.

For the past few years, America’s been able to keep its head just above water at just above the replacement level.

And according to The Catholic Thing:

The other (and really bad) news is that the percentage of children born out of wedlock birth has continued to rise. This year, for the first time, it broke through the 40 percent level. . .rising for all groups and all ages.

And now that the push is on to make marriage a redefinable and fungible proposition I’m not seeing that number get better any time soon.

And here’s the real kicker while we’re borrowing billions of dollars from theoretical future generations we’re actually forgetting to have actual future generations to pay for our bender. Our whole intergenerational Ponzi scheme depends on babies being born and yet we can’t even sober up enough to have children.

Yeah, this whole free love irresponsible half-century long Woodstock is working out really well.

And with televised contraception ads touting “freedom” and abortion referred to as “choice” and a President who refers to babies as “punishments” does anyone see this getting better anytime soon?