I am sometimes frustrated when I write a post that I believe to be an obvious a satirical piece, only to have the combox fill up with people who think I am serious.

I say this by way of introduction because I am quite sure that many people would assume that I am making this story up and I am being mean to cross-dressing murderers. I can assure you of two things. I am NOT making this story up and I AM being mean to cross-dressing murderers because, well, they are cross-dressing murderers.

( MyFoxBoston.com via Weasel Zippers) – A cross-dressing Massachusetts inmate who murdered his wife and has spent the last decade suing the Department of Correction for access to a sex change operation had a taxpayer funded mammogram this week, Fox 25 has learned.

Robert Kosilek – who sued for the right to change his name to Michelle in 1993, the year that he began his expensive court battle to force taxpayers to foot the bill for a sex change operation – has been receiving hormone injections and electrolysis hair removal as an inmate at MCI-Norfolk.

Those hormone treatments helped Kosilek develop breasts and the con has been wearing a bra in the all-male Massachusetts prison, DOC officials said.

On April 13, Kosilek, 59, was transported from the prison to the Lemuel Shattuck Hospital in Boston for an appointment in the radiology department. There he was given a routine mammogram before he was returned to the prison at noon, according to transportation documents obtained by Fox 25.

How does a news anchor keep all the he’s and she’s straight?

The goods news is that when Obamacare goes national, it will likely restrict mammograms for all women, including those who aren’t actual women.

However if Mr/Ms Kosilek decides to turn to rape instead of murder, the Viagra is on us.