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Christie Protestors Sing “Sent to Auschwitz”

If liberals couldn’t refer to Nazis they’d have absolutely nothing to say. As Zip wrote, “Someone should remind these people that a million Jews were gassed to death at Auschwitz and comparing it to having their taxpayer-funded pensions reduced during… Continue Reading →

Union Leader: “War” on “Adolf Christie”

I don’t know what’s worse. NJ union leader Chris Shelton calling Gov. Chris Christie “Adolf Christie” in a speech after welcoming the crowd to “Nazi Germany.” Or saying that “It took World War II to get rid of the last… Continue Reading →

Do You Trust Chris Christie?

Chris Christie, the first pro-life Governor of New Jersey. That’s a pretty awesome moniker for a guy who used to be publicly pro-choice. But in many ways Christie in power has been very conservative. His very public battle with the… Continue Reading →

Awesome Hypocrisy

We can all be hypocrites. We typically talk a better game than we actually walk. But this has to be a record or something. It’s pretty rare to be so completely and comically hypocritical as Chris Matthews was yesterday on… Continue Reading →

Let’s Nationalize the Christie Plan

You know how the federal government always says that while they support Planned Parenthood with millions of bucks you shouldn’t worry because none of that money goes to abortion. What a horrible joke that is. And we all know it…. Continue Reading →

Mindless Drones vs. Chris Christie

You’re not going to hear a better argument against behemoth bureaucracy than this one from Chris Christie. NRO wonders if The Obama administration might be being vengeful against the conservative Christie: I’m not usually the conspiratorial type, but watch Gov…. Continue Reading →

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