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Gotta’ See This One

Normally I ignore anything that goes down on MSNBC but Chris Matthews was honored by my alma mater, a Catholic university, so I get especially annoyed at the embarrassing things he does. Here, Matthews asks former RNC Chair Michael Steele,… Continue Reading →

Is It Restraining Order Time?

OK. Seriously. After watching this I’m wondering if Matthews wears Obama underoos and sings himself to sleep with a loop of Barack-Hussein-Obama MMM-mmm-MMM lullaby playing on his Ipod. This is creepier than that drug lord with the mural of Justin… Continue Reading →

Awesome Hypocrisy

We can all be hypocrites. We typically talk a better game than we actually walk. But this has to be a record or something. It’s pretty rare to be so completely and comically hypocritical as Chris Matthews was yesterday on… Continue Reading →

Chris Matthews Loses It on Michelle Bachmann

Look, we all knew this was going to be a rough night for the MSNBC gang. But this is just crazy. I initially put this on the Live blog but it’s so nasty and rude that I had to bring… Continue Reading →

Safe, Legal and Rare. And Funded!

Pro-choice Democrat Rep. John Yarmuth was in a difficult position last night on Chris Matthews’ Hardball. This is interesting because it marks the first time a Democrat has felt uncomfortable on MSNBC since Bill Clinton said something negative about Barack… Continue Reading →

Saint Joe’s Responds to Concerned Alumnus

Saint Joseph’s University has invited Chris Matthews to be its Commencement speaker. One graduate wrote a letter to which the President of the school Fr. Timothy Lannon responded. Here’s the exchange: Dear Father Lannon, I am writing to express my… Continue Reading →

Double Standards for Commencement Speakers?

When then Senator Rick Santorum delivered the commencement address at Saint Joseph’s University in 2003 there was a massive walkout of faculty members and students. According to an AP article at the time: About one in every eight graduates walked… Continue Reading →

Matthews: Palin Was a Mail Order Bride

Nice guy, huh? Chris! The election’s been over. Why does he hate her so much? I understand why so many like her but I’m puzzled by the outrage this woman causes in people. HT Jammie Wearing Fool

God-Brawl with Chris Matthews

It goes without saying (but I will say it anyway) there is no more vehement anti-catholic than a fallen away catholic. Chris Matthew takes the cake. There has much discussion about Mother Teresa’s dark night of the soul. In order… Continue Reading →

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