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NY Times: Conservatives = Stalinists?

The G.O.P. Stalinists Invade Upstate New York. That’s the headline of Frank Rich’s column which ran in the New York Times today. Now, I’m not going to belabor the point and rattle on about how outrageous Rich’s sentiments are because… Continue Reading →

Joe Wilson Leads to “White Hoods”

This is nothing short of madness. White hoods? Really? So just so I’m clear, congressmen aren’t allowed to call someone a “liar” but “racist” is still very much in play? This is going to be a long three years. HT… Continue Reading →

Congress Honors Accused Child Molester

Alright. This is getting to be a little much. Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. led Congress in taking a few moments to honor the passing of Michael Jackson with moments of silence.Hot Air writes: What’s more irritating here, that the House… Continue Reading →

Watch Children Plead for Education

OK. I’m not a gambler. I’ve got enough vices and I don’t need to add gambling to them but in this one case I’m willing to make an exception. Bet me on what Congress and Obama will do about this… Continue Reading →

When Good Things Happen to Bad Congressmen

Many Democrats are fearing that things are getting better in Iraq. One Democratic Congressman was stupid enough to say it. Next month the Petraeus Report on the progress in Iraq is due and of late there have been signs that… Continue Reading →

Catholic Dems Outraged by Pope

Some Catholic Members of Congress expressed their concern over recent comments by the Pope in which he said that politicians who support abortion automatically exclude themselves from communion. A statement from signed by 18 members of congress including Reps. Rosa… Continue Reading →

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