Some Catholic Members of Congress expressed their concern over recent comments by the Pope in which he said that politicians who support abortion automatically exclude themselves from communion. A statement from signed by 18 members of congress including Reps. Rosa DeLauro, D-Conn., Patrick Kennedy, D-R.I., and Joe Baca, D-Calif, they stated:

“The fact is that religious sanction in the political arena directly conflicts with our fundamental beliefs about the role and responsibility of democratic representatives in a pluralistic America — it also clashes with freedoms guaranteed in our Constitution,”

Why bowl me over! I had no idea that these lawmakers had fundamental beliefs. Abortion does not conflict with their fundamental beliefs but the Pope stating the facts apparently does. While they have their right to fundamental beliefs apparently the Church does not enjoy the same. They have the right to say or do whatever they want and still call themselves catholic and receive communion any time they want. That is guaranteed in the constitution.

The Pope has as many constitutional rights as the unborn so he should just shut up.