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The Lost Art of Mockery

As regular readers can attest, I am a big fan of the lost art of mockery. No, not all mocking is good just like not all art is good. That is why I call it an art. To be good,… Continue Reading →

The Bitter Pill

Damian Thompson pokes some fun at the Tablet over their recent defense of Bishops who have reservations about the return of the Latin Mass. The Left-wing magazine The Tablet is known throughout the Catholic world as “The Bitter Pill”. Well,… Continue Reading →

An Exciting Time To Be Catholic!

Damian Thompson has a great little piece in Spectator about the implementation of the motu proprio Summorum Pontificum. In it he relishes how the motu proprio is making the enemies of the Latin Mass squirm, forcing them to stick their… Continue Reading →

Bugger Off

Three cheers to Damian Thompson of the UK Telegraph for telling the Beeb (BBC) to take a hike when they came calling. Mr. Thompson is well aware of the consistent bias shown by the beeb when they asked him to… Continue Reading →

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