Three cheers to Damian Thompson of the UK Telegraph for telling the Beeb (BBC) to take a hike when they came calling. Mr. Thompson is well aware of the consistent bias shown by the beeb when they asked him to participate in a discussion on Pope Benedict. From Mr. Thompson’s blog:

I’m sick of the tone of the Corporation’s coverage of Vatican affairs, which is slanted firmly in the direction of Catholic liberals and secular critics of the Church…I was in Rome for the election of the Pope, and heard for myself a BBC correspondent asking his colleagues: “What went wrong? Why wasn’t Ratzinger stopped?”

A traditionalist priest friend of mine saw how upset the BBC guy was and (with a big triumphalist grin on his face) offered the poor man his condolences.

Mr. Thompson also comments on the extremely biased and faulty reporting done this past week on the motu proprio.

I for one applaud his decision to tell the beeb ‘to get lost.’ He rightly understands that there is no reasonable expectation of a fair hearing on the matter, so why be a pawn in the game.

I vow to you now, if ever I get invited to participate in a panel discussion by Rosie O’Donnell on her (inevitable) new talk show, you can count on her receiving a vociferous “bugger off” from me.