Triumphalist Flair
——A little papist paraphernalia in our moment of joy! See them all.

Washington Post Hits New Low with Vitter
——Journalists finally find a politician they want kicked out of the church.

Reverend Tori Spelling Marries Two Men
——No, she is not one of them.

Foxman Critique Wildly Misplaced
——Abe Foxman – Fund raising off the wrong enemy

Amber Alert for Father Richard McBrien
——Vatican one-two punch may be too much for Fr. McBrien.

We Are Getting Our Money’s Worth
——U.S. contributions payed back in entertainment value.

A New Show About Priests? Ohhh Noooo! Oh wait.
——A drama about priests I might watch.

News & Opinion

Summorum Pontificum – Round Up
——Complete Coverage of the Motu Proprio – Documents, Analysis, and News!

CDF Document on ‘The Doctrine On The Church’
——What the meaning of ‘is’ is.

Lesbian Gang Violence Underreported and on the Rise
I think I saw this movie on Cinemax.

Motu Proprio Signals a New ‘Dark Ages’
——Patrick joins the Ordinary Ministers of the Media.

HUMOR Summorum Pontificum a Blow to Sinners, Hell-Based Community Groups.
——Papal document damages relations with sinners and demons.

Cardinal Says Door Is Open for Lefebvrites
——”If after this act, they do not return, I would not be able to understand it.”