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Sensus Fideliwhat?

You hear it all the time. 137% of all Catholics contracept. 11 Catholics out of 10 contracept. (Their numbers, not mine.) And then when you say that the Church still says it’s wrong they drop the Latin hammer on ya’…. Continue Reading →

Torture Works!

Sometimes torture works. Sometimes the death penalty saves innocent lives. But so what? Continue reading at the National Catholic Register>>>

God Made Us Immortal So Abortion’s Cool

Ready for some logic? No? Me neither. So you’ll enjoy this piece I read today in The Student Operated Press, which claims about 300,000 hits per month. The column’s entitled A New Epoch for Evolution. Right away I figured this… Continue Reading →

Don’t Train the Executioner!!!!

The American Civil Liberties Union of Ohio is against the death penalty. Me too. They are also outraged that a May 24 execution of an inmate came a record-setting 16 minutes after the toxic drugs began to flow. Me too…. Continue Reading →

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