Ready for some logic? No? Me neither. So you’ll enjoy this piece I read today in The Student Operated Press, which claims about 300,000 hits per month. The column’s entitled A New Epoch for Evolution.

Right away I figured this one had to be a doozy. I mean, just the title alone tells you it’s jumped the rails, right? But what the writer actually says is just so out of left field that I couldn’t help but bring it to your attention – if only because I think so many liberal ideologues walk around similarly unburdened by any need for consistency.

The piece seems to be an argument against something that the conservative writer John Hawkins wrote but all I could make out was that he doesn’t like John Hawkins.

Ready for the first part?

It`s on to abortions. Here we go playing God again. I`ve done the research to realize that we don`t die, but that`s a hard one for America to accept because of its religious beliefs. Read the books by Dr. Kenneth Ring in the near death experience and you`ll see what I mean. And there are a lot of other ones out there. Come on America, read and start learning how to think again. All that is lost by an abortion is the opportunity for a conscious soul to come and have the “human experience”…

Did you get that? Abortion is fine because there’s a God who makes us all immortal so abortion doesn’t kill the baby, it just robs them of their seventy odd years here on Earth. No biggy.

But it gets better.

Here’s the other part I wanted to show you. Try to match the two parts together in your head. But actually don’t. It’s like trying to fit a rhombus in a circle. It might work eventually but something’s gonna’ be broken. Here it is:

Since President Obama has come into office he has been ridiculed and showered with slanderous innuendo from the people who call themselves “the right”, which leads me to believe they are Republicans, who also call themselves “conservatives”. So let us stop for a second and define what they call themselves.

They say they are “the right” which makes anybody who doesn`t think like them “the left”. And if you are on the left, you are “the wrong”. Just what the heck makes them right? Just because a lot of people get together and agree on whatever they agree on doesn`t make them right. A lot of people got together and said it`s okay to put someone to death, the death penalty, but is it right? Who are we? God? That we can kill somebody just because the majority says it`s right?

What?! Abortion cool because we’re immortal. Death penalty bad. What?

I’m assuming this SOP website which praises itself for having over 300 writers has no editors.

But this one is, I think, indicative of much of the thinking involving abortion because here’s the thing – If you give the issue any thought. I mean really logically look at abortion and looking at the science behind it, you can’t come away being pro-choice unless you’re also for the wholesale murder and slaughter that can only be defensible in a godless Darwinist society. So people are forced into these rhetorical gymnastics and logical leaps just so they can continue supporting the all important right to kill babies.