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Philadelphia Reconsidering Dog Killing Ban

Philadelphia is going to the dogs – or not. Many Philadelphians including some on city council are reconsidering what they call a “knee jerk” adverse reaction to animal cruelty. When Michael Vick was first charged with cruelty to animals and… Continue Reading →

I Know Dogs Don’t Go To Heaven But…

I think God should make an exception for this dog. EMBED-Dog Prays Before Breakfast – Watch more free videos Thanks to Viral Footage which scours the internet for all these videos.

Your Dog Ate Your Toe But It’s Good News

This story is a little off the beaten path for us but I couldn’t help it. Here’s the deal -some guy passed out. Now, the news story says he just laid down for a nap but once you hear what… Continue Reading →

Monkeys Riding Dogs

No matter what kind of day you’re having, tell me it couldn’t be improved by a video of monkeys riding dogs. Just try and tell me that. Who doesn’t love the thought of dog riding capuchin monkeys? Who, I ask?… Continue Reading →

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