This story is a little off the beaten path for us but I couldn’t help it. Here’s the deal -some guy passed out. Now, the news story says he just laid down for a nap but once you hear what happened I think you’ll agree with me that he probably had a little too much of the sauce and passed out. While the dude was “sleeping” his dog ate his toe. That’s right. His dog ATE HIS TOE!!!!!

But hold on. This is good news. How, you might ask. Here’s how:

Douthett had been self-treating a sore on his big toe for more than a month, without much success. The sore developed into an ulcer and the skin around the area kept dying. After celebrating with his wife, Rosee, becoming a citizen, Douthett retired for a nap. Taking advantage of his master’s nap, Kiko then took over the toe treatment. He settled in and helped himself to the buffet.

After Douthett and his wife discovered that the top of his big toe was gone all the way to the bone, they made the trip to Spectrum Health Hospital in Grand Rapids. Douthett was in advance stages of type 2 diabetes, and his blood sugar was over 500; normal is typically between 80 – 100. With uncontrolled diabetes people often develop vascular disease in their feet that may cause nerve damage to the point where they do not feel anything. It was necessary for doctors to amputate the remainder of the man’s toe.

Dogs have a heightened sense of smell and can be trained to detect cancer, brain aneurysms, and even diabetic shock. It appears Kiko just may have saved his master’s life by forcing him to get to the hospital for professional medical care.

So hooray for the dog but BAD DOG!

Let’s not treat the dog like a hero. If ever a dog deserved a scolding this one would be it. No more eating appendages. I’m serious. I don’t care if you think it’s for the best. Bad!

Now I don’t know if dogs are like bears and once they get a taste for human blood they’re considered maneaters and need to be hunted down or anything but I’d be sleeping with my shoes on for a while. And pants, just because.

My advice to this dog owner – One of two things has to happen, either get rid of the dog or maybe…just maybe…don’t drown yourself in wine coolers to the point of actually sleeping through an animal eating your toe.

This is just my advice. Take it or leave it.