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Vid: Parents of Down Syndrome Kids Have a Message

IDSC (International Down Syndrome Coallition) asked folks to send in pics for a video they made on what Moms and Dads of children with Down Syndrome would tell their younger selves who faced having a child with Down Syndrome, now… Continue Reading →

A Homecoming Queen to Remember

Here’s a great heartwarming story about a homecoming queen with Down Syndrome:video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player HT America Magazine

Palin Email: “A Down’s Syndrome Baby will Expand your World”

It’s funny. The media downloaded 25,000 pages of Palin’s emails in an effort to destroy her and it may end up doing the exact opposite. While Trig was still in the womb, Sarah Palin wrote an email to her extended… Continue Reading →

Obama, Champion of Down Syndrome Children?

This is sickening. President Barack Obama criticized Republicans with cheap shot after cheap shot yesterday in defending his budget ideas but this one really was just too outlandish to ignore. Obama said: “One vision has been championed by Republicans in… Continue Reading →

7 Yr. Old Raps About Sister With Down Syndrome

This is pretty great – even if you’re not into rap. Thanks to the great Live Action blog for finding this video.

Wrongful Life Lawsuits

Two families in Australia are suing their doctors for failing to diagnose their unborn children with Down Syndrome because they likely would’ve aborted their children if they’d known they’d be such a bother. So they think the hospital should be… Continue Reading →

We Are Not a Pro-Life Nation

I’ve seen many polls that conclude that America is a “pro-life” nation. And that the number of self-identified pro-lifers is growing. I’ve even felt myself growing hopeful about the immediate future because of those poll numbers. But after reading a… Continue Reading →

Sound and Ghastly Reasoning

I read something that shook me to my core today. I mean, this is exactly the kind of thing that makes so many of us fear for the 21st Century. It’s written with a tone of compassion and sensitivity and… Continue Reading →

Doctor Denied Immigration Due to Son’s Down’s Syndrome

Few things frighten me to the core of my being than stories like this because they highlight this awful dark path that western civilization is skipping merrily down. First, a little background. Australia is suffering a massive shortage of doctors…. Continue Reading →

Sometimes Something So Right Occurs…

Sometimes something so right occurs and it surprises you. I think we forget sometimes how capable we all are of good. This story from the Dallas Morning News is quite simply beautiful: Never has the selection of a homecoming queen… Continue Reading →

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