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How About Pro-Lifers Sue Driehaus?

It’s pretty well known that former Congressman Steve Driehaus is suing the Susan B. Anthony List for allegedly lying about his record as a “pro-life” politician. The SBA-List accused Driehaus in a series of ads that he voted for federal… Continue Reading →

Great News for SBA-List

We all remember how that punk former congressman Steve Driehaus sued SBA-List for losing the election because the pro-life group dared to tell the truth about his vote for Obamacare being a vote for taxpayer funded abortion. And then to… Continue Reading →

“Pro-Life” Turncoats Should Stick Together

Former Democrat representative Steve Driehaus is acting like a big fat baby. He was booted from Congress in the last election by the good people of Ohio and he’s suing…YES SUING…the pro-life Susan B. Anthony List for depriving him of… Continue Reading →

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