Former Democrat representative Steve Driehaus is acting like a big fat baby. He was booted from Congress in the last election by the good people of Ohio and he’s suing…YES SUING…the pro-life Susan B. Anthony List for depriving him of his livelihood because they ran some ads against him.

Does Driehaus think he has a right to stay in Congress? Why doesn’t he sue the thousands of people who voted against him because isn’t it them who did this to poor baby Driehaus?

This is ultimately a free speech case but Baby Driehaus isn’t interested in free speech, I guess. He’s interested in crushing dissent. The goal here is to make the SBA List, one of the most effective pro-life organizations in the country, go bye bye. He wants to crush them under the weight of legal bills because that’s how pro-aborts deal with dissent. They silence them.

But I’ve got an idea. If baby Driehaus is looking for another lawyer I’ve got the perfect guy for him -another pro-life turncoat who likely has little love for the SBA-List.

HT Freedom’s Lighthouse