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The Perfect Recipe for America’s Doom

I’ll admit I’m in a mood. I watched a video yesterday that really stuck with me. I put it up on The Reader under “That’s not Funny.” You can check it out but it shows high school kids who know… Continue Reading →

Sex Ed at 5 Years Old?

Building blocks, ABC’s, and sex ed. That’s what five year olds will be taught about in the UK, says CathNews. UK’s school children will be given sex education from the age of five, and although parents can keep their kids… Continue Reading →

Education Fails. Let’s Take Over Health Care

60% of Students at Inner City Chicago School Flunk 8th Grade. Now truthfully when you read that headline it hardly raises an eyebrow anymore, does it? We’ve come to expect failure in our government schools. CBS2 reports: A startling number… Continue Reading →

Opportunity for Palestinians, Not Americans

This one will kill you. The priorities of the Obama administration and the Democrats are mind boggling. The Chronicle of Higher Education reports that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton just announced a new million-dollar scholarship program to help Palestinian students… Continue Reading →

The ‘Separate But Equal’ Party

1963 – A Democrat Governor attempted to bar poor minority children’s access to better schools. Alabama Gov. George Wallace stood at the door of Foster Auditorium at the University of Alabama in an attempt to block black students from seeking… Continue Reading →

The Floyd Landis Generation

A startling new study from the Josephson Institute, an ethics think tank in Los Angeles, reveals that 64 percent of today‚Äôs high school students report having cheated on a test in the past year and about a third of students… Continue Reading →

Academics Shocked To Hear Truth

Upholding the time honored tradition among the tweed set, a convention of academics booed, hissed, clamped their hands over their ears, stamped their feet, retched, vomited, and stormed out in outrage upon hearing an uncomfortable truth. Just yesterday, according to… Continue Reading →

Back to Basics

Bishop Patrick O’Donoghue of Lancaster, England has called upon the Catholic schools in his diocese to strengthen their Catholic identity. To do this, the Bishop has suggested, in a document called ‘Fit for Mission? Schools’, that we get back to… Continue Reading →

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