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Graham Voted for Kagan Because of…Jesus?

Lindsey Graham is saying that Jesus’ Golden rule inspired him to vote “yes” for partial birth abortion zealot Elena Kagan. What? Maybe he should’ve also read the part of the Bible that says something like “Thou Shall not Kill.” I… Continue Reading →

Kagan Evades Catholic Question

Anyone who’s been paying attention to the Elena Kagan hearings has got to be feeling the frustration that I’m feeling in that some Senators offer up great questions but then let her off the hook when she rambles on for… Continue Reading →

Kagan’s View of a “Disaster”

Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan defined a “disaster” as not getting legislation passed to keep legal a procedure that she absolutely knew that the medical community couldn’t conjure a use for. No word yet on whether she considers sticking a… Continue Reading →

NRO: Kagan’s Partial Birth Abortion Lie

National Review shows that Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan manipulated science for political purposes to keep partial birth abortion legal. You really should check out this story to really understand what a horrid justice we’re about to get: When President… Continue Reading →

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