Anyone who’s been paying attention to the Elena Kagan hearings has got to be feeling the frustration that I’m feeling in that some Senators offer up great questions but then let her off the hook when she rambles on for three minutes or more. Often snoringly more than three minutes.

When Kagan was asked about the partial birth abortion memos which she wrote they didn’t push it.

And now Senator Lindsey Graham asked a good question whether the Catholic Church would’ve been barred from Harvard Law’s campus since it would be considered discriminatory just as the military is considered to be.

Kagan essentially told him they sure would but obfuscates and couches it in legal speak as if her hands were tired. And then there’s very little follow up. I don’t get it. How about a question about the role of freedom vs. inclusiveness? Does she believe the Catholic Church is discriminatory?

In the end I’d bet she wouldn’t answer these questions either but at least the Senator would’ve done his best to distill an issue and maybe make some headlines and make people wonder about these important issues.

But here’s the thing. I’ll bet a bunch of Republicans are going to vote for her even if she says she sacrifices teenage goats at the altar of Baal most Tuesdays and Thursdays if the weather is good. These guys will just say the President is allowed to nominate whomever he chooses and as long as they’re “qualified” they should be passed. And then when a Republican President nominates someone to the court the Dems will savage them and the Republicans will wonder how this happens to them every single time. And then they’ll ask the President to nominate a “moderate” to please the Dems. Ugh.

With Kagan on the court I believe Christians are in for a world of trouble. I don’t say all religions because I’m sure Islam will still be coddled but Christian institutions will be hammered and lose the right to hire and behave like Christians. They’ll be told they can behave like Christians on Sunday behind closed doors at Church but everywhere else is considered the public sphere where we all must behave like…well…Kagan.

HT CNS News.