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Elton Goes Both Ways

First, Elton did an ad for Diet Coke. Now, he’s for Pepsi. I’m starting to think Elton just can’t make up his mind. Look, I’m an open minded guy but come on. I know Elton married a woman years ago… Continue Reading →

Maybe Elton Adopting Was a Mistake

Elton John, who is 63 and just adopted a child, suggested that he guest star on the television show “Glee” and end up in bed with a 16 year old gay virgin on the show, according to Newsbusters. Elton suggested… Continue Reading →

Who Wants Elton’s Jesus?

Elton John recently said that Jesus was a gay genius. Now, Elton’s theological ramblings aren’t to be taken too seriously but I think that there’s a lot of Elton Johns out there. By that I don’t mean there’s millions of… Continue Reading →

To Hell With You Misogynists

Sir Elton John at a campaign event for Sir Hillary Rodham Clinton decried the fact that Sir Hillary was lagging behind in the Democrat primary as clear evidence of a Democrat hatred of women. In fact, he thinks that these… Continue Reading →

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