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Most Painfully Awkward Rick Perry Moment…Evah!

This is seriously awkward. Even more awkward than the drunken best man speech I gave at Pat’s wedding. And Pat can tell you, that was pretty darn awkward. Here, Perry announces he’ll cut three agencies but then can’t remember the… Continue Reading →

Success is a Byproduct of Preparation

This has got to be the worst bank robber ever. Note to robbers -perhaps try coming up with a checklist before you get in the getaway car on your way to the bank. 1) Gun?2) Bag to hold money?3) Gas… Continue Reading →

Worst News Caption…Ever

HT Failblog

We’re Going to Disney!!! Fail

I can’t afford to take all my kids to Disney but I would hope that if I did announce to my kids that we were going to Disneyworld it would go a little bit better than this. Or a LOT… Continue Reading →

Worst Church Banners…Evah

Two explanations for such a banner:1) They are the most clueless people on Earth and had no idea what “WTF” means and are the laughing stock of all who view them. 2) They knew what “wtf” meant and did it… Continue Reading →

Tastes Like Chicken

Epic Wording FailHT Failblog

Is This Part of the Prosperity Gospel?

Ht Failblog

This is Funny!

HT Failblog

In Those Days There Were Giants…

The Bible says: “There were giants in the earth in those days.” I guess there still are. Or least the folks who made this bathroom think so. HT Fail blog

Stupidest Invention Yet

Perfect. So when the rescue helicopters come searching for survivors you’ll look just like floating debris. Brilliant. I just hope this wasn’t made with government funding. HT Failblog.

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