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A Bad Day for Fathers

Everyone once in a while we need some kind of sign or a benchmark to get our bearings, to know how far we’ve traveled on the road to lunacy. Just so you know, it’s pretty far. There’s so much crazy… Continue Reading →

Father of the Year Tries to Saw Son’s Cast Off

Let’s see if you can guess the end of this story. OK? NBC Miami is reporting: Lawrence Roberts, 33, arrived at his son’s house in a white pick-up truck around 11 a.m. on Sunday, the arrest report said. The 15-year-old… Continue Reading →

Army Dad Surprises Daughter at H.S. Graduation

This Dad got back from Afghanistan on leave just to see his daughter graduate from high school. Pretty great. Lots of tears. Near the end of the video, the girl says she’s following in her father’s footsteps. Wow. Emotional Reunion… Continue Reading →

I’ve Got My Druthers

I find myself completely lacking the ability to chit. And I’m very poor at chatting. Combining the chit and chat makes me a verbose lunatic capable of only non-sequiturs and insane rantings. Case in point, yesterday: I’m at the park… Continue Reading →

Obama Admits Life Begins at Conception?

Tim Graham, of NRO’s Media Blog caught this gem from Obama’s essay in Parade Magazine about fatherhood. I think Obama’s going to need his teleprompter to even write his essays now too. Here’s what Obama wrote: That is why we… Continue Reading →

Once Upon a Time Daddy Wished You Dead

Now, this is awkward. Mom wants to tell daughter they considered aborting her. Dad wonders if he should be the one to break the news to her that he and her Mom considered ripping her limb from limb. What to… Continue Reading →

Mother Delays Treatment to Have Child

This is a beautiful story about a mother and a father’s love for a baby. Wesley J. Smith of Secondhand Smoke found it in the LA Times. I was just going to put it up on the CMR Reader but… Continue Reading →

He Gave All

This is a beautiful and salient story from the Washington Post about a father who gave all for his son. Our condolences go out to the family and friends of this great and good man. If you ever ran into… Continue Reading →

I Am Only A Father

The older I get the less I feel that I know. But the few things I feel confident in I surely expound on often. Such is the case here. I’ve been thinking about vocations since a good friend admitted to… Continue Reading →

Thanks for the Catechism Daddy!

“Thanks for the Catechism Daddy!” Certainly something not many parents hear. My 7 yr. old daughter recently wrapped up ‘religion’ classes at our local parish. They seem to do a nice job there and the oldest kids (5 & 7)… Continue Reading →

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