Let’s see if you can guess the end of this story. OK?

NBC Miami is reporting:

Lawrence Roberts, 33, arrived at his son’s house in a white pick-up truck around 11 a.m. on Sunday, the arrest report said. The 15-year-old boy lives with his mother and other siblings at the home in Coral Springs, authorities said.

Upon arriving, Roberts pulled out a 10-inch circular saw from his work truck, the report said. For unknown reasons, he then attempted to cut the teen’s purple cast off his right hand, authorities said.

So let’s play a little game. What do you think happened next?

A) Dad cut cast off. Kid so happy he hugged Dad and all lived happily ever after.

B) Dad cut cast off so expertly that the kid could magically throw a 100 mph fastball and will assuredly go on to fame and stardom as the best pitcher of his generation.

C) Dad pretty much cut off his kid’s thumb and index finger. Blood splattered everywhere. Shock and horror ensured from anyone sane. Dad went to jail.

If you guessed “C” you guessed right! Hooray! The saw sliced through the tip of the boy’s right thumb, the report said. The middle of his index finger was almost cut off, and he suffered a deep cut between his index finger and thumb.

As this story rolls out further I’m guessing we’ll find out where the Dad was immediately before he came home. Let’s see if we can guess:

A) Working as a physician’s assistant.
B) Lumberjacking.
C) Happy Hour.