Everyone once in a while we need some kind of sign or a benchmark to get our bearings, to know how far we’ve traveled on the road to lunacy. Just so you know, it’s pretty far.

There’s so much crazy in here that I didn’t know where to start but here’s the major nugget I’m taking from it. Two lesbians literally had the name of a child’s father taken off a child’s birth certificate and replaced by one of the lesbian’s names.

News.com.au reports:

A man who donated sperm to a lesbian couple will have his name stripped from their child’s birth certificate after a successful legal bid by the birth mother’s ex-partner.

The woman took the NSW Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages, and biological father, to court in May to have his name replaced with her name in the document.

The female child was born in 2001 and the women split in 2006, although they continued to share parental responsibility.

The man also played a role in the child’s life.

New South Wales District Court Judge Stephen Walmsley today ruled in her favour, but expressed sympathy for the biological father.

“I am not persuaded there is any contractual right which can affect this application,” he said. “As (the biological father) concedes, there was no agreement before (the child’s) birth that he would be on the register when he agreed to donate his sperm.”

The judge said the man and the child obviously had a strong emotional attachment.

“I have considerable sympathy for (the man) – he has done what he considers has been his very best for the child.”

Outside court the man, who cannot be named for legal reasons, said he was devastated and labelled the outcome an injustice.

“She’s not my daughter as far as the law is concerned,” he said. “The laws are totally inadequate, there are no laws to protect people like me.

“It’s a very bad day for fathers, that’s all I can say.”


But have we gone so far that birth certificates are now not documents of fact but pawns of political correctness? That seems like a great idea – instead of documenting reality let’s have legal documents of birth be about making us feel good about the way we wish things were. Here’s the deal, women can’t have babies with women. Sorry. Not my rules. They can’t. You need a man.

For the judge to use the fact that there was no written agreement that the father would be on the birth certificate as a reason to remove him shows either that the judge was drunk, concussed, or definitely has someone helping him with menial tasks like tying his shoes and helping him cross the street on a full time basis. The father is the father. He doesn’t need written permission from the mother to acknowledge that fact. That’s what facts are.

The lesbians can raise the kid. They can be two Mommys or the butchier one can even call herself “Daddy” if that floats her boat. But she’s not the father.

Look, I’m sure some women see this as the most awesomely awesome ruling ever and I’m sure there will be a Lifetime movie of the week about it with the lesbians walking out of the courtroom in victory raising their arms like Norma Rae and Erin Brokovich together (at last.) Hey, it might even win an Emmy for Rosie O’ Donnell.

But ladies, here’s a question – Now that we’ve established that you can have a father erased from a birth certificate, can men petition to have themselves removed from birth certificates? Didn’t think about that one did ya’? Because that would be kind of a big deal in order to avoid paying child support?

But right now, according to recent jurisprudence, men have no say in whether their child is aborted in the womb and even after the child is born they can be booted off the birth certificate at the whim of the mother and the stupidity of a judge.

That sounds fair. Good thing children don’t need fathers anymore or we’d be in big trouble.