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New Yorker: The Case Against Kids

Elizabeth Kolbert writes in The New Yorker that having kids is kinda’ selfish and probably shouldn’t be left up to you. You’ve really gotta’ read the whoe thing. It’s just sickening. Just check out this nugget: Global population is expected… Continue Reading →

The Wimpification of our Kids

This is the text of a letter from a principal of an elementary school. I shouldn’t even have to comment on this. Pure lunacy speaks for itself. Global Toronto has the letter: Dear Parents/Guardians: These past few weeks, we have… Continue Reading →

This is Child Cruelty…And Kinda’ Funny

Late night host Jimmy Kimmel challenged his viewers to tell their children that they ate all their Halloween candy. As you can imagine the kids FREAK!!! There’s some completely inappropriate behavior from adults and kids in this video but it’s… Continue Reading →

The Secret Life of Teddy Bears

My sister sent me this and I thought it was great. I wonder how many nights we avoided children coming down the stairs in the middle of the night afraid, because of the friendship of a stuffed animal.

Your Kids Are OK With This Child Killer, Right?

This just shows how little concern our culture has for children. A judge just said it’s all okey dokey if two kids live with a…child killer. Oh don’t freak out, she only killed the kids because she was stressed out… Continue Reading →

I Hate This Story

I seriously hate stories like these. I’d much rather do fun stories and pass on to you guys funny pics or videos. But I saw this story last night after a reader emailed it to me. I was so horrified… Continue Reading →

A Bad Day for Fathers

Everyone once in a while we need some kind of sign or a benchmark to get our bearings, to know how far we’ve traveled on the road to lunacy. Just so you know, it’s pretty far. There’s so much crazy… Continue Reading →

Mom Sells Daughter’s Virginity Via Text

Man, where’s Chris Hansen when you need ’em. A lady who will be referred to from here on in as “Worst Mom Ever” tried to sell her 13 year old daughter’s virginity to some creepy dude for $10,000. Worst Mom… Continue Reading →

Girl’s Lemonade Stand Robbed, Happy Ending

This unbelievable story shows both the best and worst in people. A young girl ran a lemonade stand to raise money for her very sick cousin. Unfortunately, some punks robbed the little girl’s lemonade stand. But don’t worry there’s a… Continue Reading →

7 Year Old Shields Younger Boys from Dog

You read stuff like this and it just amazes you. Palm Beach Post reports: A 7-year-old boy shielded his younger brother and another boy from a dog that escaped from a nearby business. Homestead Police spokesman Fernando Morales says the… Continue Reading →

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