I seriously hate stories like these. I’d much rather do fun stories and pass on to you guys funny pics or videos. But I saw this story last night after a reader emailed it to me. I was so horrified that I clicked away from it. But I couldn’t get it out of my mind. So I’ll pass it on to you but only because it’s an indication of where we are as a society, as a culture.

The Daily Mail reports:

A grieving mother has won damages after blundering hospital workers handed her parts of her stillborn baby in an envelope.

Danielle Tivey, 27, of Canvey Island, Essex, was left with deep psychological scars after the ‘appalling blunder’.

Miss Tivey’s son Tommy was stillborn when she gave birth to his healthy twin Alfy at Southend Hospital.

Grieving: Danielle Tibey, pictured with her partner George and other son Alfy (who is the twin of her stillborn), won damages from Southend Hospital in Essex

But the devastated mother had to fight for eight months before the hospital finally released Tommy’s remains after staff lost forms indicating that Miss Tivey wished to have a funeral for the baby.

When the remains were finally released, a hospital receptionist simply handed a horrified Miss Tivey a brown envelope containing skin and tissue samples contained in six wax blocks.

The hospital gave the Mom the body parts of her son in an envelope. How much more dehumanized can you get? The boy’s mother had to fight just to get the child’s remains. They treated the stillborn boy as garbage.

I think this rings a bell for me because after my wife had a miscarriage at 10 (ish) weeks the doctors said they wanted to run some tests on the baby and despite our requests we never got our child back. We asked many times and they put us off, saying these things take time but eventually they admitted that the baby had been discarded.


I can’t imagine what’s wrong with the people in a hospital handing a mother the remains of her child in a wax block in a manila envelope. And these are care givers? I fear for our culture. I really do.