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Christopher Hitchens a Religious Man? Fr. Barron Says Yes

“As A Priest, My Whole Purpose is to Produce Saints”: An Hour-Long Interview With Fr. Barron

Focus Christian Television has placed online a new hour-long interview with Fr. Barron centered around his Catholicism Project videos which have recently been released.If you’ve enjoyed hearing 6 to 8 minutes of Fr. Barron in his YouTube commentaries, you’ll love… Continue Reading →

Short Film “Jesus Was a Commie” by Matthew Modine

Former Hollywood star Matthew Modine has a short film out called “Jesus Was a Commie.” The trailer seems to show millionaire Modine standing around and looking sympathetically at homeless people. Of course, that’s what Jesus really wanted from us. When… Continue Reading →

Fr. Barron: The Media and World Youth Day

Fr. Barron on the Holy Spirit’s Work in the Church

Fire, water and wind.

Fr. Barron on Malick’s “Tree of Life”

If you had told me that I’d ever see another movie with Sean Penn in it I’d have been pretty surprised but I am pumped to see Malick’s new movie “Tree of Life.” The always brilliant Fr. Barron has a… Continue Reading →

Fr. Barron on “The Adjustment Bureau”

I saw “The Adjustment Bureau” recently and thought it was one of the most insidiously wrong-headed movies I had seen in a long time. Attractive characters, interesting plot at first and God as a capricious tyrant. I’m glad Fr. Barron… Continue Reading →

Fr. Barron on Anti-Catholicism

Another great commentary by Fr. Barron.

Fr. Barron on Exorcism Movies

HT Mary’s Aggies

Father Barron on 41%

Father Barron has this knack for saying the exact thing I would say if my IQ were a lot higher. Another great one from Fr. Barron. HT World on Fire

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