Former Hollywood star Matthew Modine has a short film out called “Jesus Was a Commie.” The trailer seems to show millionaire Modine standing around and looking sympathetically at homeless people. Of course, that’s what Jesus really wanted from us. When confronted with someone in need, look sympathetically on them, and make sure you have a film crew there to film you looking sympathetically on them. Then complain that other millionaires aren’t helping these people. Yeah, that’s what Jesus is all about.

Wait, what letter from Paul was that in again? Oh I guess it’s a new letter. Maybe a letter from Modine to the limousine liberals.

I really do shudder to think of Modine and his crew deciding which homeless people looked homeless enough for Modine to look sympathetically on.

Personally if I’m looking for a good documentary I’m thinking I’ll go with Fr. Barron’s “Catholicism.” I caught a little more last night on PBS and was bowled over. I love it.

HT Big Hollywood