If there is one rule about government contracts, it is that the process is to be impartial. The United States Health and Human Services Department, headed by the anti Catholic Catholic Kathleen Sebelius, doesn’t do impartiality. At least when it comes to the Church.

Each year HHS awards grants to those who assist victims of the horrific practice of Human Trafficking. A committee at the HHS evaluated groups that can provide these services, among them is the US Conference of Catholic Bishops, the Church. In fact, the Church has provided these services extremely well for years.

The committee evaluated at least four groups that could provide the services and ranked the Catholic Church at the top. In fact, the review panel scored the other three groups “well below” the Church.

So it should come as no surprise that the other three groups got the grants, the Church did not.

Why? Because we are Catholic.

Political appointees intervened …

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