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We the People Means 9

Yesterday’s ruling by a California judge that overturned a ban on gay marriage is simply the latest outrage done by our black robed oligarchs in recent history. This chipping away at the moral foundations of America is not a sudden… Continue Reading →

Breaking: Prop 8 Struck Down!

As expected, Judge Walker in California has struck down Prop 8 which prohibited gay marriage. Everyone knew this was coming and it will assuredly be appealed. His reasons are startingly craptastic from what I’m reading. Exit thought: You know, I’m… Continue Reading →

Protestors Storm Podium at Traditional Marriage Rally

This is pretty ugly. The National Organization for Marriage is traveling around the country. In Providence, protestors stormed the podium, threatened to kidnap children, and attempted to intimidate supporters of traditional marriage. Watch for yourself:

Gay Racist Segregationist Rednecks?

A group of homosexual gay marriage advocates are arguing that state law should trump federal law. Wow! I didn’t see this coming. Wait. I thought anybody who said they wanted to return power to the states was really just speaking… Continue Reading →

Were We Ever Winning?

Looking around the Christian blogosphere and even in conversations with real life actual people there’s an ineffable (I love that word!) feeling among Christians that we’re losing. Perhaps even badly. We live in a society that excels mainly in making… Continue Reading →

Gay Advocates Protest Catholic Church

Gay advocates now believe they can tell the Church how to spend its money. About one hundred protestors stood outside the St. Louis Cathedral Basilica on Sunday, angry with the archdiocese’s use of $10,000 in “private gifts” in a campaign… Continue Reading →

D.C.: Childish Church Blackmailing City

The headline screams “Catholic Church gives D.C. ultimatum” and the D.C. city council accuses the Church of threats, and blackmail and harming the poor. If you read the Washington Post story today you’d never know that the D.C. City Council… Continue Reading →

Obama Nominee: Do Away with Marriage?

Many conservative and Christian organization have reported concerns about the nomination of Chai Feldblum, a law professor at Georgetown University to serve as one of five Commissioners on the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. But CMR has uncovered some explosive writings… Continue Reading →

Don’t You Dare Judge MacKenzie Phillips

Stop right there. Don’t you dare judge MacKenzie Phillips or her father John Phillips. You hear me, you judgemental Christianistas. Of course, you know that Mackenzie Phillips’ claimed on Oprah that her father and she had an incestual consensual relationship… Continue Reading →

Sotomayor Hedges on Gay Marriage

Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa asked Judge Sotomayor some pointed questions today and recieved some unfocused if not downright evasive answers. Surprise Surprise. As you’ll surely remember Sotomayor called abortion “settled” because of previous decisions by courts. So Grassley used her… Continue Reading →

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