Stop right there. Don’t you dare judge MacKenzie Phillips or her father John Phillips. You hear me, you judgemental Christianistas.

Of course, you know that Mackenzie Phillips’ claimed on Oprah that her father and she had an incestual consensual relationship for many years.

CBS reports:

In her new memoir, “High on Arrival” and in televised interviews, the former child star alleges she had an almost decade-long sexual relationship with her father, the late rock icon John Phillips of the ’60s super group, the Mamas and the Papas.

She says it started out as rape but became consensual. Phillips also claims she got pregnant at one point and her father paid for an abortion, thinking the baby might be his.

So yeah, the initial rape was bad but after that these were two consenting adults. And according to the Supreme Court it’s not anybody’s business what goes on behind closed doors when two consenting adults go there.

Lawrence vs. Texas explicitly states that intimate consensual sexual conduct was part of the liberty protected by substantive due process under the Fourteenth Amendment. (See Santorum)

So it’s all good.

And look, these two were “together” for ten years. Ten years. That’s a committed relationship. I’ve known many so called “normal” relationships that didn’t last as long. Why can’t you acknowledge their love? I think you just need to more accepting? Why can’t you people stop being so judgemental saying that these people can fall in love and these other people can’t. I mean, who died and put you in charge of the “love police?”

I know one of the arguments you people make against interfamilial love is that there’s an increased chance of birth defects in the offspring. But the Phillips’ did the responsible thing and got rid of the baby…err…fetus before it could be born with birth defects. It was better off that way for all, right? So there was no chance of a baby being born with birth defects because they responsibly paid for someone with some medical background to kill it.

So as long as they did the responsible thing and didn’t add a defective baby to the gene pool, what could possibly be wrong with two legally consenting adults finding love.

So dear CMR reader, of course I’m being facetious about all this but given the legalities of the day of gay marriage and abortion, I dare you to find the illogic of this argument.

Little Miss Attila has more on this story. And it’s sad when I see that someone who calls themselves “Attila” is nicer than me.