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Heartache! Kathleen Turner Defends Planned Parenthood

The genius behind the cinematic brilliance of VI Warshawski and Baby Geniuses is heartsick that some people don’t want their taxpayer money paying for abortion. The poor thing. It must be so difficult for her knowing that there are some… Continue Reading →

I’m Kind of a Big Deal

Dennis O’Donovan does an excellent Catholic radio show in Florida and he had me on as a guest for which I’m grateful. If you’re interested at all you can listen to it below. After listening I’m kinda’ ticked. Seriously, why… Continue Reading →

R. Lee Ermey Calls Out “Socialist” Obama

You can fast forward the first minute and a half until he starts talking. Then it gets awesome.

This Supermodel Can Lecture Me Anytime

Wow. Supermodel Kathy Ireland gives just about the best defense of life I’ve ever heard. Seriously. (I know this might be a bit old but it’s new to me.)

Springsteen Hypocritically Worried about “Tone”

Bruce Springsteen is worried about the tone people are using against the Obama administration. And all I can wonder is if this is his little attempt at a joke. But sadly, it’s not. He hasn’t seemed very jokey for about… Continue Reading →

Awesome. Ferrigno and Seagal at the Border

Big Hollywood has the story that Lou freakin’ Ferrigno and Steven Seagal have joined Sheriff Joe Arpaio in cracking down on illegal immigration. No matter what you think about enforcing immigration laws you’ve got to admit that this may be… Continue Reading →

Bill Nye Collapses, Students Tweet

Bill Nye “The Science Guy” was giving a presentation at USC in front of hundreds of students yesterday when he collapsed. And then something very odd happened – nothing. Yahoo News reports: It appears that the students in attendance, rather… Continue Reading →

Tony Danza: Shut Up About God Already!!

Who’s the Boss Tony? Here’s a hint…. Its Not You! It could have been a funeral-home scene out of a “Sopranos” episode. At the wake for crime author Philip Carlo, Tony Danza angrily interrupted the priest, claiming he was talking… Continue Reading →

I Don’t Care If Kevin Bacon Disagrees With Me

Because Americans don’t know what to think until the guy who starred in “Footloose” tells them what to think, the Human Rights Campaign, a gay rights organization, is sponsoring ads in New York to urge people to support gay marriage…. Continue Reading →

Don’t You Dare Judge MacKenzie Phillips

Stop right there. Don’t you dare judge MacKenzie Phillips or her father John Phillips. You hear me, you judgemental Christianistas. Of course, you know that Mackenzie Phillips’ claimed on Oprah that her father and she had an incestual consensual relationship… Continue Reading →

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