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When Quasi Celebrities Cheat

Two quasi celebrities have pictures of them cavorting with women made very very public that starts the rumor mills that they’re cheating on their vows. Uh-oh. So what do you do next? So you’ve seen the images of one of… Continue Reading →

We’re Doomed! Doomed I Say!

Are you worried about health care in this country? Afraid of how your family can handle a catastrophic illness? Don’t worry. Everything is going to be fine. Jessica Alba and the girl who played “Felicity” are here to fix everything…. Continue Reading →

Pro-Lifer “Lashes Out?”

This report from Fox News really bugged the heck out of me. And this isn’t the first time. This is just the latest example of such blatantly anti-pro-life garbage from the mainstream media. And remember that Fox News censored Matt… Continue Reading →

Ground Control To Tina Fey

I’ve heard of celebrities wanting to abandon America should a Republican win but this is the first time one has promised to leave the planet. According to ABC News, Tina Fey will exit our planet if John McCain and Sarah… Continue Reading →

CNN Criticizes Miley Cyrus’ Love for Jesus

Last night on CNN Headline News’s “Showbiz Tonight,” frequent talking head Temple University Professor Marc Lamont Hill said he was “freaked out” by Hannah Montana star Miley Cyrus’s claim that she loves Jesus. The show played a clip from a… Continue Reading →

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