Are you worried about health care in this country? Afraid of how your family can handle a catastrophic illness? Don’t worry. Everything is going to be fine. Jessica Alba and the girl who played “Felicity” are here to fix everything.

Wilshire and Washington reports that a group of celebrities including Jessica Alba are going to lecture the White House on health care reform:

Health Care Lobby: Jessica Alba, Regina King, Keri Russell, Jurnee Smollett, Katie McGrath, Laura Wasserman and Ali Wentworth will be in Washington on Thursday to visit a DC health clinic and meet with administration officials and congressional leaders about the need for affordable health care for children. They will be joined by Children’s Defense Fund president Marian Wright Edelman. They will meet with Senate finance committee members and later with those on the Senate health, education, pensions and labor committee.

Look, nobody (except maybe Jessica Alba) believes that anybody official is going to listen to any of these “celebrities.” The senators and congressmen are going to get their pics taken with them, put them in their hometown papers and frame it for the scrapbook.

But just the fact that the administration is going through this dog and pony show should be a source of great embarrassment to all Americans. I mean, seriously, who cares what Jessica Alba thinks about health care? (And I seriously don’t even know who most of these “celebrities” are anyway.)

Now, if Jessica Alba and Keri Russell were going to visit wounded troops I’d be all for it but I’m thinking that’s not the way they’re going.