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Ask Your Doctor if They Believe in God

Forget examining the medical degree on the wall of your doctor’s office. Don’t ask where they did their residency. Don’t wonder what prestigious scientific journals published their work. Ask your doctor about their belief in God. If you don’t it… Continue Reading →

The Death Fetish in Hospitals

Anyone who’s had a loved one seriously ill in the hospital can tell you that if the medical community doesn’t see a good prognosis they will often do everything they can to hasten death. When my father had a heart… Continue Reading →


I think the Democrats are going to win this healthcare battle. There. I said it. I believe today’s vote on the Slaughter rule is a foreshadowing of the healthcare vote. Case in point: Just a few days ago Democrat congressman… Continue Reading →

Nun Questions Whether Obamacare Opponents Are Truly Pro-Life

Awful. In an interview the U.S. Catholic Sister Carol Keehan, D.C., president and CEO of the Catholic Health Association supports the healthcare legislation and wonders if opponents of Obamacare are truly pro-life. She asks “For us as Catholics it’s very… Continue Reading →

Obama Is Going to Tax Your Tan

The New York Post reports that in order to pay for his healthcare plan President Obama intends to slap a tax on tanning beds. Oddly, Obama dropped plans for a “Botax” on cosmetic procedures. So let me see. I’m trying… Continue Reading →

A Lesson on Immortality

Ted Kennedy is dead. Do you remember the period shortly after his death when the media tortured the phrase “The Lion of the Senate,” endlessly discussed his liberal legacy, and the effort by a number of Democrats and many in… Continue Reading →

The Secularization of Church and State

I honestly don’t understand the support from many priests and bishops for socialized healthcare. Looking at Europe and around the globe, it seems to be the rule that big government seems to crowd out religion. With Big Government’s life of… Continue Reading →

Newsday: Bishop Murphy Supports ObamaCare

The media feels that Obama has been attacked enough so now they’re gathering their forces to defend The One and his healthcare plan, even if it means lying. Case in point, Newsday is claiming that Bishop William Murphy supports ObamaCare… Continue Reading →

When Might a Death Panel Be a Life Panel?

Sad sad times for jolly ol’ England. A number of doctors have said that fat people, smokers and old people should be barred from receiving care because they’re fat old smokers. So essentially if you’re perfectly healthy you can get… Continue Reading →

Keep Your Laws off My Symptom

Everyone knows that rationing will occur under ObamaCare. It’s inevitable. The country simply can’t afford the government to take this on without at some point saying refusing certain treatments. Stories of rationing have come from all over Canada and England…. Continue Reading →

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