The New York Post reports that in order to pay for his healthcare plan President Obama intends to slap a tax on tanning beds. Oddly, Obama dropped plans for a “Botax” on cosmetic procedures.

So let me see. I’m trying to wonder if there’s somebody who’s close to the President who would have a vested interest in ensuring that botox wasn’t taxed. Hmmmm…

And let’s face it. You really think Harry Reid is going to be angry about tanning beds being taxed. Seriously, he looks like he’s seen less sunlight than a Penn Station roach.

I just despise the whole Obamacare plan. But one thing I really despise is that Obama knows that nobody in their right mind is going to stand up and give an impassioned plea on the right to bake yourself into attractiveness. Maybe Mitt Romney could make that a platform. Say what you want, the dude’s got a killer tan.

But the thing I loved most about the article is a guy quoted in the article in the Post. Jan Meshon, 53, owner of City Sun Tanning in Manhattan, knows that in America today you can’t just argue for freedom. You’ve got to prostrate yourself at the altar of the common good. Meshon pleads, according to the Post, “that the tax would hurt his business and send an anti-UV-light message at a time when nearly three-quarters of Americans suffer from vitamin D deficiency due to lack of exposure to sunlight…It is an awful tax on small businesses during tough economic times. It’s not good for anybody . . . There wouldn’t be any life on the planet if it wasn’t for sunlight.”

Wow. He’s doing it all for us, don’t you know. He’s kinda’ saying that if you tax his business, life on this planet will become pale and eventually die (like Harry Reid did ten years ago.)

But here’s the real reason I’m against it. If we tax tanning beds people will stop going to tanning beds and they’ll just use that spray on tan. And let’s face it, there’s only one thing cheesier than tans in winter and that’s fake tans in winter.