Every time, every time I hear the Republican party described as the “Party of NO” I have only one thought. I wish.

If there really was a “party of no” I would join it.

Ask any parent, ask any grandparent, they will tell you. The problem with kids today is that no one tells them NO! I say the same about government.

When you have a child who is used to getting his own way, a parent will have great difficulty when they first start to to say no to the little brat. He will ignore you, call you names, even tell you he hates you, all in an effort to get his way.

This is exactly what is happening with government today. The brats have rarely if ever been told no before and they don’t know what to do. At first they tried to ignore us, then they tried calling us names, then we got the silent treatment. Now they, like every pre-teen that has ever come before them, say that they can do whatever they want and we can’t stop them. Its all so embarrassing.

But we, as the grownups, have to assess each of our children separately. One child, while they have in the past often disappointed us and even lied to us, has generally behaved well this year. He is showing signs of maturity. The trust is not completely there yet, but we have hopes. Lets call this child (R).

(D) on the other hand, (D) is the problem child. (D) does not listen to a thing we say. He acts up, spends money like there is no tomorrow, and blames every one else for his own mistakes. He even crashed the car after staying out all night on a binge.

So we sit down with him and explain to him. This is my house and while you live in my house you need to live by my rules. Let’s call it our Constitution. If you cannot live within the rules we have established, you can’t live here anymore.

Maybe, just maybe, he will learn some lessons out there in the real world.

Then, we gently remind (R) that no means no. Do you understand?


I hope so.