I honestly don’t understand the support from many priests and bishops for socialized healthcare.

Looking at Europe and around the globe, it seems to be the rule that big government seems to crowd out religion. With Big Government’s life of ever expanding rights, it is inevitable that some “rights” will be mutually exclusive such as the right to an abortion or contraception will collide with a pharmacist or doctor’s religious beliefs. As we know the separation of Church and state has become the secularization of church and state. Does anybody believe that Big Government is going to side with the pharmacist for long?

Let’s face it, Big Government in America is now a moral force. It is almost a religion with the dogma of the ACLU as its catechism and judges as bishops. Big Government actively seeks to displace the churches and as such has been the driving force behind secularism and the infringement of religious liberty.

That’s why it’s so mystifying to me to hear some Catholic bishops approving of a major expansion of government. This is especially odd since the expansion is in healthcare industry which the Catholic Church is so heavily involved in and freedom of conscience protections are so important.

We’ve already seen the state of Connecticut force Catholic hospitals to administer the abortion drug to rape victims. Do you really think that tide will be turned by a massive growth of the power of government in the healthcare sector?