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Abortion Providers May be Underreporting

According to the Catholic bishops in Connecticut, thousands of abortions appear to go unreported each year in violation of state law. This is a serious charge from the Connecticut Catholic Public Affairs Conference which just released its fourth annual report… Continue Reading →

The Secularization of Church and State

I honestly don’t understand the support from many priests and bishops for socialized healthcare. Looking at Europe and around the globe, it seems to be the rule that big government seems to crowd out religion. With Big Government’s life of… Continue Reading →

Church Smacks Down State

I’m in a good mood. No. I’m like in a singing good mood. I might even dance. The state of Connecticut’s efforts to go after the diocese of Bridgeport have fallen into the category of EPIC FAIL once again. The… Continue Reading →

Connecticut Ain’t Just a Catholic Problem

The state of Connecticut’s attempts to silence the Church is not just a Catholic problem. And the sooner all Christians stand up to the bullying tactics of the state, the safer every religious organization in this country will be. As… Continue Reading →

The Connecticut Catch 22

In what many believe is a chilling of free speech rights and freedom of religion, Connecticut’s Office of State Ethics (OSE) is attempting to penalize the Catholic Diocese of Bridgeport for failing to register as a lobbying organization for urging… Continue Reading →

Connecticut Seeks to Silence Church. Again!

The state government of Connecticut might just be the epicenter of state sponsored anti-Catholicism in the country right now. The state is seeking to silence the Catholic Church. Again. Ever since the Church’s stance supporting traditional marriage or at least… Continue Reading →

White House Says Contraception May Be Abortion

The Bush administration may be looking to strike a blow for religious freedom. They are reportedly looking into requiring all recipients of federal aid to certify that they will not refuse to hire nurses and other providers who object to… Continue Reading →

Anesthetized in Connecticut

Hypothetical. Imagine say, you are a bishop in a northeastern state. You recently issued a very controversial statement that is widely considered to be a capitulation to politics and the culture of death. Imagine you hope that if you just… Continue Reading →

Silly Pope! The Science Isn’t Settled.

In an embarrasing gaffe, Pope Benedict XVI met with the new president of Chile for 40 minutes on Thursday and pressed home to her the importance of keeping the pro-life perspective there. Chile has clashed with pro-life advocates and the… Continue Reading →

Bishop Lori Blogs on Plan B Decision

Bishop William Lori of the Diocese of Bridgeport wrote on his blog a post entitled “A Perspective on Plan B.” Plan B, an issue previously discussed in this blog (“Sad State of the Constitution State”, April 24th—see “Archive”) is back… Continue Reading →

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