I’m in a good mood. No. I’m like in a singing good mood. I might even dance. The state of Connecticut’s efforts to go after the diocese of Bridgeport have fallen into the category of EPIC FAIL once again. The state Attorney General just called on the Office of State Ethics to stop attacking the Church.

The Attorney General stated today that Connecticut should drop their efforts to force the Diocese of Bridgeport to register as a lobbyist because “[t]here is no denying the profound and serious constitutional concerns in enforcing the lobbyist registration laws against the Church under these circumstances.”

Hmmm. What does that paragraph smell like? Oh I know. That paragraph smells like victory for the Church.

Yeah, that’s right. This is the second straight smackdown the Diocese of Bridgeport has given to the dimwits in the state government of Connecticut. Seriously, the diocese is starting to whip up on Connecticut like that’s its job.

I haven’t seen beatings this bad since:
A) Liza Minelli married.
B) That house landed on the Wicked Witch
C) Danny Bonaduce met that transvestite
D) Tonya Harding set her eyes on Ms. Thing Nancy Kerrigan.
E) Vanilla Ice went on Celebrity Boxing.

In case, you don’t understand why I’m celebrating here’s a little background: The Office of State Ethics in Connecticut was investigating the diocese for allegedly lobbying state lawmakers when, in fact, the diocese was simply trying to fend off an unprecedented power grab from the state.

You see, it all started when a couple of dopey legislators last year got it in their tiny brains that as revenge for the Church’s stance on gay marriage they were going to try to wrest the power of the Church away from bishops and forcibly hand it over to elected lay boards in each parish.

In response to the power grab, the Diocese of Bridgeport appropriately arranged for busloads of people show up at the state capitol to protest the bill. And the legislators scurried away like rats at daybreak giving the Church a win.

But the state came back, saying that because the Church attempted to influence legislation, the state’s Office of State Ethics (OSE) ordered the Church to register as a lobbyist organization. If the OSE had their way, the state would’ve had unprecedented power to direct the internal operations of the Church. Experts agreed it was a violation of freedom of speech and a blatant attempt to threaten religious organizations that if they spoke out the state would come after them too.

Well, unfortunately for them, the state picked on the wrong Church. The diocese of Bridgeport didn’t sit still for this. No. Bishop William Lori put the foil on, suited up, made a video, issued press releases, wrote on his own blog, and then hired himself some fancy shmancy lawyer types with degrees and everything and went after the state with a lawsuit.

That’s the equivalent of throwing down the gloves before the Star Spangled Banner. Those bureaucrats never knew what hit them.

And guess what? The state buckled. So that’s two in a row for the diocese. Zero for the state. I’m calling it a mismatch. Connecticut might as well be saying, “Thank you Sir, may I have another.” Seriously, Connecticut needs a safety word.

Make no mistake about it. Connecticut will be back. This isn’t the end. No. Connecticut’s the kind of crazy that stays crazy. Like Gary Busey crazy. Connectict can now officially be labeled a zombie. No matter how many times they’re killed they’ll just keep getting back up and coming back.

Kudos to the diocese. Thanks to the Attorney General. But especially thanks to Bishop Lori. Take a break. Hit the lockers. And wait for the next brawl. Because it’s coming.

Bishop Lori has some comments which are a lot nicer and grownup than mine at his blog. Go check them out here.

To read the Attorney General’s letter click here.