In an embarrasing gaffe, Pope Benedict XVI met with the new president of Chile for 40 minutes on Thursday and pressed home to her the importance of keeping the pro-life perspective there.

Chile has clashed with pro-life advocates and the Catholic Church by promoting the morning after pill. Michelle Bachelet is the first woman president of the South American nation and she has come under fire for promoting the Plan B drug to girls under the age of 14 without parental consent.

Benedict is urging her not to allow Plan B drugs to be used in the country because it is an abortifacient. Oh no. What a gaffe! How embarrassing. Didn’t the Pope hear that the science surrounding Plan B wasn’t settled? Remember, the Connecticut Bishops issued a memo saying so when they allowed Plan B to be administered in Catholic hospitals. I guess nobody told the Pope that the Church hasn’t decided where it stands on abortion yet. He should really read more.