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Dem: Medical Choices Must “Come from Govt”

Control is the end goal. It always was and always will be for big government thugs. What could go wrong with the government deciding how much you’re worth treating. Perfect. Doesn’t this follow in a direct manner from President Obama’s… Continue Reading →

Doctors Leave Baby to Die

Recently, we’ve all read stories from around the world about nuclear meltdowns, earthquakes, tsunamis, and volcanoes. Needless to say they’re scary, heart wrenching and terrible. But for me a story published yesterday is scarier. A story in the UK’s Daily… Continue Reading →

Haggling Over the Cost of Humanity

You remember how pro-lifers were laughed at for saying abortion and infanticide were one in the same. Pro-aborts said we were crazy and that killing “blobs of tissue” in the womb had nothing to do with killing babies outside the… Continue Reading →

The Secularization of Church and State

I honestly don’t understand the support from many priests and bishops for socialized healthcare. Looking at Europe and around the globe, it seems to be the rule that big government seems to crowd out religion. With Big Government’s life of… Continue Reading →

Joe Wilson Was Right

Republican congressman Joe Wilson yelled “You lie” to Obama during his healthcare speech and there’s been a great deal of stink over it which eventually led to Wilson’s appropriate apology. But that doesn’t change that what Wilson said was absolutely… Continue Reading →

You Sure You Want Socialized Medicine?

Are you old? A little chubby? A smoker? Well then, no cancer treatment for you. You can’t be surprised. This is the inevitable end of socialized medicine and a British cancer specialist is spelling it out pretty clearly.Times Online reports:… Continue Reading →

Doctor Denied Immigration Due to Son’s Down’s Syndrome

Few things frighten me to the core of my being than stories like this because they highlight this awful dark path that western civilization is skipping merrily down. First, a little background. Australia is suffering a massive shortage of doctors…. Continue Reading →

Everybody’s Equal – Just Some Are More Equal Than Others

In a stunning development which nobody could’ve seen coming, life is becoming devalued in today’s culture. Details to follow. Doctors in the UK Telegraph are calling for NHS treatment to be withheld from patients who are too old or who… Continue Reading →

Michael Moore Wants Christianized Medicine?

Michael Moore, a Catholic, was on “The View” yesterday and after receiving plaudits from Barbara Walters for his new movie “Sicko,” Moore got into a little religious argument with guest host “Star Parker,” a religious conservative. Moore identified himself as… Continue Reading →

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