Michael Moore, a Catholic, was on “The View” yesterday and after receiving plaudits from Barbara Walters for his new movie “Sicko,” Moore got into a little religious argument with guest host “Star Parker,” a religious conservative.

Moore identified himself as a practicing Catholic and said Jesus wants socialized health care. I love how liberals invoke Jesus on these issues while completely ignoring Him on everything else.

Moore said, “Jesus told us we would be judged by how we treated the least among us and we shouldn’t maybe call this socialized medicine we should call it Christianized medicine.” (Would “Christianized medicine” cover embryonic stem cell research, late term abortions, trans-gender operations?”)

Star Parker made a great counter point if you can hear her under Moore and Barbara Walters who were clearly shouting her down. She said Jesus didn’t tell us to “go into our neighbor’s pocket and make them do it. He said we should do it individually.”

Here’s the thing. I love calling it “Christianized Medicine” because then the government wouldn’t be able to take over the health care industry because of the Separation of Church and State.