I think the Democrats are going to win this healthcare battle. There. I said it. I believe today’s vote on the Slaughter rule is a foreshadowing of the healthcare vote.

Case in point: Just a few days ago Democrat congressman Jason Altmire made headlines by saying he believe the Slaughter option to be “wrong” as seen in the vid below.

But today Altmire voted to approve usage of the Slaughter option. In all 222 Democrats voted to approve the use of the Slaughter option. It seems to me that if 222 Democrats voted to allow the rule a pretty similar number is going to be a “yes” on healthcare reform. And Democrats only need 216 to pass it.

I think this vote was a bellwether. I think we’re in deep deep trouble here and all those “maybes” and fence-sitters are simply waiting to see if their vote is needed or will they be allowed by Pelosi to cast a meaningless “no” vote to save their career while allowing healthcare to be “deemed” passed.

Here’s my question and I hope one of you has an answer. If a congressman voted to allow the Slaughter rule, isn’t that an indication that they’ll vote in favor of the deem and pass?