Everyone knows that rationing will occur under ObamaCare. It’s inevitable. The country simply can’t afford the government to take this on without at some point saying refusing certain treatments. Stories of rationing have come from all over Canada and England.

So when picking and choosing which diseases to leave untreated I think we can all agree to start with diseases of the non-fatal variety which go away given time. And let me suggest that our government decides right now not to treat one particularly prevalent temporary “disease.”

The “disease” I’m speaking of only affects women. This is almost never a fatal disease and lasts nine months until the “symptom” squeezes out of the woman where reportedly if the woman doesn’t want to ever see the symptom again, strange people (including such luminaries as Mia Farrow, Angelina Jolie and Madonna) will typically step forward and agree to love, cherish and raise the symptom. And they’ll be thrilled about it.

The symptom is also cute as a button and will make 98.4% of the people smile as they walk by it and just see it even for a fraction of a second. People will share pictures of the former symptoms and people will involuntarily saw “Awwwwww” and smile.

The former symptom in many respects is also great for the economy.

Due to the recession, many people aren’t spending as much as they used to which hurts many businesses, but people who care and love these symptoms are often quite willing to spend a large portion of their salaries to feed, clothe and bring a smile to their former symptom’s face. And you can bet that Disney will make money off the deal because for some really weird reason these former symptoms, especially when they’re small, love movies about talking animals. Don’t know why. They just do.

But the economic benefits don’t end there. The former symptom will typically grow up and work at jobs which the government can tax to pay off the massive national debt the government has saddled the people with. The former symptom will also support the faltering social security system. Ironically, if allowed to grow “untreated” before exiting the woman, the former symptom will actually grow up to financially support the health care system that considered destroying it.

Some in the White House administration might argue that on the downside, former symptoms may grow up and yell at townhall meetings but the government re-education camps can take care of that until they agree to vote Democrat.

And let’s face it if only Republicans allow their symptoms to reach voting age that could be a problem for Democrats. So it’s really in the Democratic Party’s best interest too. The Democratic rank and file have to somehow compete with people like traditional Catholics who seem to suffer these symptoms on a chronic basis.

So a smart government healthcare program in picking which diseases to not cover, pregnancy would seem like a winner. These symptoms are good for the morale of the people, the future of the economy, and the good of the Democratic Party. The new mantra should be “Don’t Treat the Symptom.”