What a world we live in where the media doesn’t even know what to call the unborn. Check out the headlines at a local newspaper called the Bennington Banner: Unborn children are killed in head-on Route 7 crash.

But the the story which follows classifies the victims differently.

Drug use may have played a role in a head-on crash Monday night that resulted in the death of two fetuses and is being investigated as a criminal act, law enforcement officials said Tuesday.

The crash on Route 7 near the Apple Valley Inn sent five people to the hospital, including a woman pregnant with twins. Bennington Police Sgt. Lloyd Dean said the 6-month-old fetuses did not survive the crash.

So the headlines says unborn children and the story says fetuses. And if that’s not enough schizophrenia they add an updated story with the headline “UPDATE: Unborn fetuses died in crash.”

“Unborn fetuses” as opposed to born fetuses?

Now, to add a wrinkle, if the mother was going to have the babies which it appears she was shouldn’t the twins be called unborn children since if we are to believe it’s all about the mother’s choice then her decision would be paramount here.

But we’ve always known it’s not about the mother’s choice. It’s about dehumanizing a class of people to make it ok for their slaughter.

The awful truth is that there were probably editorial meetings where reporters and editors had to decide what to call the victims. The sad part is that they had it right the first time. This is a tragic story about the death of unborn children.

The logic of abortion is so non-existent that intelligent people don’t even know what to call babies anymore.

HT Drew Ann