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Most Embarassing and Hilariously Cringeworthy Vid…Evah!

We are living in a Tom Wolfe novel, we’re just not paying royalties. This video is almost too painful and hilarious. Congresswoman Corinne Brown is ranting about Trayvon’s death and a CNN reporter asks her if she’d be just as… Continue Reading →

Laughable Hypcorisy from Obama

President Obama held a press conference today, mainly to tee off on Limbaugh. Firstly, the media are a bunch of boobs because not one of them asked a substantive about the HHS contraceptive mandate as an infringement of religious liberty… Continue Reading →

Cain is Pro-Choice About His Pro-Life View?

OK. Now I’m officially worried. There’s no way to listen to Herman Cain in this clip without thinking Herman Cain is pro-choice. Now I actually believe he is pro-life but this is enough to really worry me in many respects…. Continue Reading →

Good News. Episcopal Parish Goes Catholic

I know this happened a bit ago but so often the mainstream media is obsessed with pointing out Catholics becoming Episcopalians, Catholics becoming Muslims, or Catholics becoming just about anything other than Catholic. You can imagine my pleasant surprise to… Continue Reading →

Another Reason to Hate the Media

OK. This is awful. The first three minutes or so are just buildup for the coming debacle. But I love the anchor just laughing at this idiot reporter. But this isn’t the first time this has happened to this guy…. Continue Reading →

Worst Presidential Campaign Kickoff…Evah!

Part of running for President is having a message and sticking to it. Failure to do so is kind of a problem. Tim Pawlenty showed that staying on message might not be his strong suit. This week, Pawlenty was on… Continue Reading →

Chicago Salesman Fired for Packers Tie

Sometimes life is exactly like sitcoms. I love this story for so many reasons. First, you got the overreacting car dealer owner who acts irrationally and fires a salesman for wearing a Green Bay Packers tie. He had to have… Continue Reading →

This May Scare the Heck Out of You

Dude. I warn you. If you watch this, it may make you very nervous about our country’s safety. Obviously, this is a major flub. I’m not so much concerned about the man as I am about the communication going on… Continue Reading →

Animal Rights Nuts Send HIV Infected Razors

Daily Mail reports: A neuroscientist who conducts experiments on animals was targeted by activists who sent him razor blades allegedly contaminated with the HIV virus, it has been revealed. University of California at Los Angeles scientist David Jentsch received the… Continue Reading →

Must See Vid: The Melissa Ohden Story

I watched this and I was in shock. I was in shock because the story details how one little baby survived a botched abortion, found love in the arms of adoptive parents and is now a loving mother herself as… Continue Reading →

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