OK. Now I’m officially worried. There’s no way to listen to Herman Cain in this clip without thinking Herman Cain is pro-choice. Now I actually believe he is pro-life but this is enough to really worry me in many respects. It puts a question in my head whether, if Cain becomes President, when push comes to shove is he willing to go the mattresses on abortion.

But if I’m to ignore this crazy comment about leaving that “choice” to the mother, then I have to add this to the list of crazy comments that Cain’s had to walk back recently. And if you ask me, the room where we put all of Cain’s wacky comments so we can ignore them is getting a little crowded.

Tina Korbe at Hot Air points out that this isn’t the only time Cain has said something like “that’s her choice” in a television interview.

To me, Cain’s either not really pro-life or he’s not ready for prime time. I’m not sure I see another view of this. I want to. I honestly do but I’m just not seeing it.